IIDX Gold CS Score Data Trial Announced!

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Re: IIDX Gold CS Score Data Trial Announced!

Post by Amp Divorax » Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:18 pm

Merk wrote:Yeah, I caved in and set it to -1 as well since the default is definitely way off compared to the other styles. I might go back and set Happy Sky to +1 and see if that makes a difference to its relatively late timing. Kinda makes you wonder what would happen if in the very off-chance a IIDX CS tournament was held in Indiana.

Rico play more beat and get some scores up on VJA!
Having a IIDX CS Tournament probably wouldn't work too well unless people were allowed to bring in their own setups, and in my case that wouldn't work for me cause I play on a 30" widescreen CRT that weighs more than I do so I know my chances of winning would be slim to none!
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